Yuval Waldman, in the press


THE NEW YORK TIMES: “Expressive sincerity and sheer communicative warmth…An eloquent tribute to Mr. Waldman’s virtuosity was the spontaneous chorus of bravos…”

THE WASHINGTON POST: ”…Waldman rightly stole the spotlight. He is an accomplished violinist, capable of creating some perfectly lovely and seamless lines, and his musicianship and overall intelligent and thoughtful understanding of the music are an enormous plus.”
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR: “Refined and resonant sound…”

GAZETTE, CORAL GABLES: ”Waldman gave a searing performance of the demanding violin writing…he played with glowing tone and fiery virtuosity…[He] is deeply probing artist who, generally, eschews violinist fireworks for perceptive musicality.”

LEDGER STAR, NORFOLK: “He gave a warm and impassioned performance.”

LE COURIER, GENEVA: ” Beautiful sounds, exceptional –bow arm, impeccable technique…and interesting and sensitive personality…”

MA’ARIV, TEL-AVIV: ”Unusually warm and singing tone, an excellent technique, and rich romantic imagination…”

IL MATINO, ROME: “Secure and brilliant technique…and extraordinary variety of sound….”

HET PAROOL, AMSTERDAM: “Yuval Waldman proved himself to be an expert violinist….”

BUSINESS AND GOVERNMENT, Almaty, Kazakhstan: “Waldman is an overwhelming violinist and conductor…he gets something from an orchestra in a few hours that many conductors get only after working with them for years…one might say that he is a missionary of world music…when he plays the notes [they] touch the human essence.”

KAZAKH PRAVDA, Almaty, Kazakhstan: “You can call Yuval Waldman the master of composing programs…The artist showed unusual ability to understand other musical worlds…he played like he had played [Kazakh] music all his life, with great individuality and understanding…deafening applause…"

THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL: “Sensitive playing…fascinating recital…”
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